2012 526


Over the past few years I have become quite engulfed in the art of photography. I (without a doubt) still consider myself a novice, my true beginnings into photography though, are archived in my original blog, The Ever-Budding Bear. It’s a crafty-DIY blog with a little bit of cooking and baking to boot. While taking pictures of my projects and the steps to complete them, I realized (maybe not right away) that I could manipulate the camera and focus on certain areas and make the pictures actually look good (wow, like a real blog!).

Then we got a bird feeder and the pictures increased.

Then I discovered the Weekly Photo Challenge through The Daily Post and the pictures just didn’t stop.

Then we moved to Toronto and I created Fifty Shades of Toronto.

Inspired by my progress and pushed by the urge to continue to improve my photography,  I’ve created Photos by EB. Between Fifty Shades of Toronto and my two-year hoard of pictures on my computer I was easily able to compile some collections right off the bat. With the exception of Fifty Shades, the rest of the collections will be added to throughout time. In the meantime, I plan to participate in The Weekly Photo Challenges, along with posting galleries as special events or trips may occur.

Thanks for checking it out, stay tuned!

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