Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

My treasure was easy to pick out for this week’s photo challenge.

I’ve been keeping a journal for just about fifteen years. Needless to say, it’s not a daily activity, I do so when the mood strikes me. I’ll typically write a few times a year, but my recent drought was my longest, two years without writing in it. I’ve had the bigger one (started in 2006) with me for some time, but recently found the smaller one, my high school years (started in 1999), while cleaning out my old room. That was hard to read. Physically hard, on account of all the cringing and eye rolling brought on by ignorant, immature entries and worst of all, corny love poems. It’s not a complete write-off, however. There are some funny parts, particularly the post from January 8, 2001 about a new boyfriend and my prediction for our relationship to last about a month, immediately followed by a February 5th post declaring the entire thing was, ” …the biggest mistake, god, yuck.”.

It’s posts like those that I treasure. The memories tucked within the pages that you almost forget about until you reread them, the crap you can’t believe you got away with and, more importantly, the lessons you learn. Things that no one else would find any particular interest in but maybe that’s what makes them so special to me.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

  1. Love the photo and how it accentuates the ruffled papers of your journal. It seems to have been through a lot! I wish I could fine my old diaries and journals from high school. I remember at some point I tried to be a songwriter in my younger days and jotted down cheesy lyrics in one of them 🙂

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