Garton Wedding

It was an amazing experience witnessing Brad and Claudia get married on a chilly winter night. The scene was perfectly set for the outdoor ceremony and as I was standing in awe of the whimsy of it all I was handed a warm hot cider with a cinnamon stirring stick! The aisle was beautifully lit and lined with birch logs and pine sprigs. Nearby pine trees were lit up and at every turn you’d find some amazing homemade lit up ice globes! There were a ton of handmade details that added a personal touch to the already totally unique evening.  The photographer for the night asked that no one take pictures during the ceremony (with good reason! Can you imagine how hard it would be to take a good picture with 50 other flashes going off?). So I was unable to get any shots during that time, but I did manage to capture the couple during their first dance as husband and wife.

Congratulations, Gartons!




One thought on “Garton Wedding

  1. Liz…the pictures you took are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for capturing the essence of what we tried to create for Brad & Clau! Job well done! Nancy : ) (Mother of both!)

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